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You’re done having babies

Explaining it to the kids

Carie and her two sons on the farm

I was finally hit with the question I think every mom gets at some point yet is speechless to the answer. My 2 youngest boys (nine and seven) were sitting with me at home and the youngest says, “Mom, I think we need another baby, I want another baby, I don’t want to the be the baby anymore.” So of course, the other pipes up, “Ya, that’s a great idea!”

I do love my children, but some days it’s tempting to send them to grandma’s for a week! (Then I remember she lives next door so that doesn’t help; but it does.) New babies are fun, but they make life on the farm very difficult. Depending on the season, nearby relatives, and other children, there are a lot of factors that contribute to just “having a baby” and why many first-time moms in agriculture must learn quickly and usually the hard way, on how to make it work.

As a million things ran through my mind, I didn’t want to give them too much information. I had easy pregnancies and even though I was usually sick for half of it, I enjoyed it. I could still work and had great jobs off the farm as well. So being pregnant again wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. When you hit the age I am- between where you know you could have one more or your oldest could tell you you’re going to be a grandma- it crosses your mind from time to time.

I finally said, “G, you were the last one and we decided that, so I made sure to enjoy being pregnant. Also, daddy can’t have any babies.” Yup, I threw him under the bus! The older one then says, “Well you don’t need him anyways, you just get your belly really fat and then you have a baby!”

Oh goodness gracious, thank you Lord above and all things good for that answer. Crisis averted and let’s roll with that!

“We are a good family and you both are such a big help on the farm, and your sister helps me a lot around the house so we can do things, fun and farm. If we had another baby we would start over and I wouldn’t be able to get you to piano, archery, bowling, AWANAs, and everything else you enjoy now that you’re old enough.”

They still said a new baby would be fun but concluded that things are good. They know they are loved and that mommy doesn’t want to “get fat” and babies cry and poop and steal toys.

Each phase is a struggle and a blessing, and there is no perfect age I’ve found out. It’s nice when they’re little and smile that toothless grin. It’s nice when they start showing their individual interests and you can do things together you used to do but had to stop because you started a family. It’s “nice” when they’re crying because they have nothing wear for picture day. It’s nice when they have their own place and job and still hug you and say, “I love you, Mom”.

Written by Carie Moore


Carie Moore
District 4 representative
Carie and her husband, Jason, raise primarily soybeans and small grains as well as custom seed and harvest. Carie works for the Towner County Soil Conservation District and is Vice-Chair on her county Farm Bureau board. “I am very passionate about women in ag, rural community leadership, as well as working with educating youth about agriculture.” She has 4 children who also get involved in sharing the importance of agriculture

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