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“What Does Love Mean?”

Watford City Wolf Pup Preschoolers respond

Winter Lafferty
“It means you love your mom and sister,” said Winter, who says you show them you love them by hugging and kissing them. Her older sister hugs her back. How does her mom show Winter she loves her? “She talks about it.”
Winter’s favorite candy is chocolate milk and candy canes.

Dominic Miskin
“It means I love my mom,” said Dominic. “I cooker her turkey,” he said when asked how he shows her. How does his mom show him she loves him? “She cooks me food.”
Dominic’s favorite food is waffles.

Payton Schultz
To Payton, love means flowers and hearts. How do you show someone you love them? “Give them flowers,” said Payton.
Her favorite candy is Skittles

Piper Taylor
“It means you love your family,” replied Piper. She shows her family she loves them by hugging them. They show her they love her by kissing her.
Piper’s favorite candy is suckers

Tucker Sanford
“It means I love you instead. Sometimes I eat candy. My dad only likes candy. I’m the boss of him.” Tucker said. “Sometimes he loves me and sometimes he doesn’t,” said Tucker about how his older brother shows love.
Tucker’s favorite candy is a Tootsie Roll