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This summer, unplug and play

Summer is a limited time opportunity and a great time to do so many things we can’t do in the other season. It goes so fast that if we don’t grab on to it, it is gone before we realize it’s here.   Unplug your family and take a technology PLAY-CATION! See what happens.

  • Be a rock hound! Collect them. Paint them. Sort them.
  • Take a nature walk. Do a scavenger hunt. Use the things you have collected to build a collage.
  • Get out the chalk and let kids have the freedom to create their masterpiece.
  • Grab a big clean paintbrush and a bucket of water. Paint the house, fence, rocks, whatever is OK with you.
  • Don’t forget about the public library. Summer programs are so exciting and usually free.
  • Build a fort outside.
  • Look for a family friendly trail – like a Born Learning trail at Rocky Butte Park in Dickinson.
  • Blow bubbles. Have a gunny sack race. Teach your child hopscotch.
  • Hunt for and catch fire flies. They are nature’s marvel.
  • Help your child learn about planting, watering and weeding their very own mini-gardens.
  • Let your child work with you, side by side. Do some family chores and find some hidden fun. They are a contributing member of your family and not just honored guests.
  • Plan for some healthy snacks for your PLAY-CATION.
  • Pack some fresh veggies or fruit in a thermos to keep them cool on the trip.
  • Keep baggies of cut veggies and fruit in the refrigerator for an easy grab and go.
  • Let children create their own fruit or veggie kabobs.
  • Serve veggies with low-fat dips to make them more enticing.

Don’t swipe these precious minutes away or miss a memory making moment. What will your children remember about this summer? It’s easy to be caught in the days and forget the value of time spent together. The benefits show up later and shape who your child becomes. These are the times of their lives.

When adults unplug from the “busy-ness” of the days, they can see and hear more clearly the little things. Avoid the hazards of disconnecting with those you love most. Plug in this summer with those who matter most and strengthen your relationship signal! You will reinforce your connection.

Learn more about making family connections. West Dakota Parent & Family Resource Center 701-456-0007 or toll free at 1-877-264-1142

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