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Kids share what love means to them

A visit to the Dickinson Public Library

Olivia Weller – 6 “Love means you love and care about your family. It’s how you act sometimes. It’s respecting people and being nice and kind.”

Emery Venema – 6 “Love means to me that they’re caring to me and they appreciate me. I show my family I love them because I give them presents and because I make cookies for my daddy and my mommy. I give chocolates to my brother.”

Chase Waldschmidt – 9 “Love means family. If I didn’t have my family I really wouldn’t be happy. To show someone you love them you could write a card or give hugs or flowers. And be nice to them.”

Blake Weller – 9 “Love means kindness and caring about people. It’s not just about giving them Valentines, it’s about being together and saying you love them.”

Addington Waldschmidt – 6 “It means that they’re special to me and they’re kind to me and I’m kind to them. I can show it by giving them hugs and kisses or you can use the symbol XOXO, my Nana does that every single message she gives us!”