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Kids Talk Teamwork

Being a part of Watford City’s new swim team


Watford City’s new Rough Rider Event Center is now open and with it came the completion of a new competitive lap pool. To take full advantage of the opportunity the new facility provides for the community’s youth, a group of parents and volunteers founded the Sea Wolves, Watford City’s first swim team. The Sea Wolves team ranges in ages from six to sixteen and are all skill levels. They are excited to learn about the sport and compete in their first official meet next year.

Here, they talk about why they joined the swim team, teamwork and their favorite part about being a Sea Wolf.

Tayla Peterson- 6

1st Grade
“I joined swim team because my mom wanted me to get better at swimming. My favorite is the breast stroke,” said Tayla. “Teamwork is important so you can win the race!”

Luke Pedersen – 8

2nd Grade 

“I joined because I thought it would be a fun activity. My favorite is diving,” said Luke who likes to hang out with his friends at swim practice. “Teamwork means helping each other out and working as a team so you can win the tournament.”

Joanna Duckworth- 11

6th Grade

“I swam in Idaho. When the Rough Rider Center was open I asked my mom if they had swim team. She said no, not yet, but I kept waiting and was so excited when I heard the news,” said Joanna. “Our coach Jamie works us harder than in Idaho, but it’s easier because I’ve done it before. I like the breaststroke best.”

Jonas Vanze – 14

8th Grade
“My family said I was good at swimming so I thought I might as well try it. It’s cool to be a part of the first swim team here” ” said Jonas, who likes the front crawl the best. “Teamwork means helping each other out. It’s especially important in relays.”

Written by Jessie Veeder


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