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Why they love their moms!

Why do you love your Mom?

Mason Sanderson

“Every day she lets us have a piece of candy,” said Mason, who is going to write his mom a note for Mother’s Day. “Sometimes me and her go to the movies together.

Jadlynn Geidl

“I love that she stays home and bakes really good food like vegetables, chicken and rice and beans. She takes really good care of my dad and me,” said Jadlynn. “I’m going to get her a very cool present for Mother’s Day, but I’m not telling!”

Gunner Wahus

“This won’t be anyone else’s favorite, but I love my mom because she’s not ticklish! I know because she told me and I try to tickle her but she won’t laugh a single bit,” said Gunner who also thinks his mom is really funny and loves it when she plays Mario video games with him. “This year for Mother’s Day I’m going to surprise her with a big cake!”

Emma Arnold

“She helps me clean my room and makes food for me and she helps me wash the dishes. We play games like Go Fish, UNO and Old Maid,” said Emma. “Last year me, my brother and dad bought my mom flowers and candy for Mother’s Day.”