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Going to church as a mother is a whole new world

Sarah’s son plays with his favorite tractor book

By Sarah Lovas

Some of my big plans for Mother’s Day include going to church with my family. Going to church as a mother is a whole new world. This will only be my second Mother’s Day as a mother, and in this short year, my world has changed including the adventure of going to church with my family.

We begin our Sunday morning by just trying to get organized. First, we need to eat breakfast, then get dressed. The survival bag, once known as a diaper bag, must be packed with snacks, milk, and quiet toys to occupy a busy little mind. Eventually, we make it out the door and eventually through the church door.

The truth is, it has been months since I’ve really heard the lessons or the sermon. I’m usually busy trying to get my little guy to stay quiet and entertained. This usually involves everything from snacks and milk to various quiet toys. Once, I made the mistake of bringing a tractor book to church. Tractors happen to be my son’s favorite thing and also one of his only words. Throughout the sermon that day, he kept repetitively saying “tractor” in his everyday voice. No matter what I did, I couldn’t take the book away without causing a scene and I couldn’t get him to quiet down. Thankfully, the neighbor/farmer sitting in front of us was laughing at this situation.

Sometimes I wonder why I go through this every week. I believe that this is the stage when, as parents, we don’t actually go to church for ourselves, but rather our children. I think that my son’s religious training is very important, and it starts with going to church every week, even as a baby. I also think that learning how to sit in church is important because it teaches kids how to sit in a quiet setting and reflect. Our society needs more of that.

All told, my son does fairly well at church. And all of the people who sit around us are very encouraging to us and seem to enjoy having my little guy around. They are either parents or grandparents and they love having kids in the church. So, for my Mother’s Day, we will go to church and leave the tractor books at home.

Sarah is the District 2 representative on the NDFB Promotion and Education Committee. She farms near Hillsboro.