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7 Reasons I’m Thankful to be a Working Mother

I deserve a medal. Every day should be Mother’s Day. All moms should be green-lighted to enter those pearly gates. I have so much respect for the single moms, the stay at home moms, the moms battling cancer while continuing to pump for their newborn, moms of multiples, NICU moms, moms who go home without a baby, we’re all heroes.
There was a time not too long ago I got the chance to experience being a stay at home mom. It was awesome! But I knew I had to go back to work at some point. I genuinely believe I am a better mother to my children when we are not together 24/7. Now, this is what works for me and my personality and to each their own. It takes all kinds of kinds to make the world go around and motherhood has shown me that. Here are my top 7 reasons why I’m thankful to be a working mother.

  1. My career is important – I went to a four-year college. An expensive four-year college. I went to school to better myself and to launch my career. My professional career makes me valuable to others outside of this family. Professionals in the community know me, know my value, know my expertise and that gives me great pride. I am excited to go to work and I am excited to go home and see my littles. Work invigorates my soul.
  2. Work is easier than parenting – God bless childcare providers and stay-at-home parents. Monday mornings for me means drinking a cup of coffee in one sitting without having to reheat it and thinking critically and solving problems without time outs and tantrums. My work, at least, is 100 percent less taxing than parenting.
  3. My children learn social skills – I was an only child with 40-plus first cousins. I know the importance of social skills at this young age and daycare and preschool are providing my kids with those opportunities.
  4. We can afford little luxuries – Like any smart married couple, we try to follow a budget. That being said, we also like to have fun. Having duel incomes allows us to make some fun purchases that perhaps we couldn’t afford if we were a single income household. We recently took a family trip to Arizona, just the four of us. We like to go to the arcade and go out to eat as a family. Little luxuries like this are easier for us as two working parents.
  5. It enriches my marriage –Having careers allows us to have things to talk about outside of our kids.
  6. At work, good work gets praised – Do you get praised for wiping little bottoms? Cause I sure don’t. What about getting a snack? Or putting laundry away? I wish! At work, doing something good gets praised. The team roots for me and gives me a pat on the back for a successful job. I know I need that. I thrive on positive words of affirmation.
  7. My children are learning they aren’t our entire universe – We were two people in a relationship before these littles came along. I try to keep it at the forefront with my children so as to never give them the impression that they are our entire universe. We are two people who have hobbies, friends, careers, and responsibilities outside these four walls. These two are here because of our love, not overtake it.


Written by Brianna Ludwig

Brianna Ludwig

Brianna is a marketing professional who enjoys cooking, fitness and (mostly) healthy eating. She and her husband live in Bismarck with their two toddlers. Reach her at

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