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Shedding our leaves, a lesson from trees

It was a few days in the heat of August that I crossed the parking lot by where I live and I had a distinct familiar feeling. I really can’t put my finger on what it was but I thought to myself, “I feel fall in the air”.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t wishing away the August heat by any means. For one, I am the most adamant proponent of keeping summer as long as I can, because it’s basically is only two months long. But, nonetheless, I couldn’t help what I felt in the air. It was definitely ‘fallness’. The spell check on my computer is telling me “fallness” is not a word.

With a daughter in Florida and one in LA, I hear them talk about how they miss fall weather. The layers of clothing for the chilly weather, the boots, the apple picking, the turning of the leaves, and yes, that feeling in the air that I felt in the parking lot last August. Then, there’s me who lives in the North, who holds onto fall as tightly as I hold onto summer as
winter just can’t wait to come and seemingly never wants to leave.

The turning of the leaves is spectacular in some parts of the country. The golds and burnt orange colors pop and are breathtakingly picture worthy. Eventually, gently breezes loosens the leaves and they gently fall with a therapeutic calmness. The trees show us how lovely it is to let things go.

Letting things go. Shedding our leaves. A lesson from trees.

Trees have different ways in which they prepare for winter. One of the most noticeable signs that certain trees prepare to survive harsh winters, is dropping their leaves in autumn.
Leaves add mass to a tree and would make a tree susceptible to high winds and to accumulating lots of snow and heavy ice that would lead to broken limbs. Trees force off their leaves to save energy so that they can once again blossom in the spring.
Such is life. If we do not let things go that are in our past by forgiving others and that includes ourselves, it makes us vulnerable in the future. Trees save their energy by reducing themselves to their toughest parts like their trunks and branches. The leaves must fall in preparation of the freezing cold and chilling wind so that the whole tree will live on.
What leaves do you have that need to be pushed off? It can be a beautiful thing watching leaves fall. You just may open yourselves up to a whole new you next spring.

Happy Fallness!

Written by Gloria Hart

Gloria Hart

Gloria lives in Dickinson, ND and lives her life with a grateful
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