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The Best Gift of All

Reflections on my Favorite Holiday

My favorite holiday is Mother’s Day. It ranks far and above Christmas, my birthday, or even July 4th with all its sparklers and fireworks that dazzle the night sky.

Maybe it’s my absolute favorite because my 3 children used to always spoil me with breakfast in bed and treated me like a queen for the entire day. Perhaps it’s because it falls just right around the time when new life springs up after winter and it’s a perfect time for a long awaited picnic.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because it’s a day that I celebrate the joyous celebration of being a mum, mamajo or ma, which is what my three grown children refer to me as, respectively.

I can’t think of a more profound and noble profession to have other than being a mother. The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world (or so they say and I truly believe it.)

Growing up, I remember having a ‘school days’ book in which I would fill up the pages for each year with a school picture, best friends that year, who our teacher was, etc. and there was always a place to put a checkmark by the profession we wanted to have when we grew up.

Stewardess is what I checked each and every year. In high school, I was in the school library and even picked out the airline I wanted to fly with. Northwest Orient.

My dream slowly faded as I ended up working in the summer at a corn cannery and later as a park ranger in the Boise National Forest. It’s probably for the best, as I freak out with even the slightest turbulence when I fly now. The closest I ever come to being a flight attendant now, is when my husband pays for extra legroom found in the exit row and we verbally commit to being able to open the exit door in case of an emergency!

Yes, being a stewardess was my dream job, but I feel that becoming a mother was my calling.

Being mom, there were hard days rearing children because I discovered I was being everything from a referee, to a psychologist, to a triage nurse, to an event planner and everything in between.

However, once a mother, always a mother I realized that once my children left home, I found being a mom even harder because I didn’t have control of my grown children and their choices anymore. Sometimes I really miss those days when attitudes could be adjusted with a simple time-out, or a skinned knee would feel better if I kissed it.

My favorite cure for the siblings squabbling in the car, was that they had to hold hands for the next 50 miles (well, maybe not that long). But it seemed to work. Oh the quirky things we do to keep things running smoothly.

We moved around a lot with my husband’s job and I always said I gave my kids more wings than roots as they all set out for parts unknown. Moving around had given them a sense of confidence and love for adventure, I guess.

There are times when I have regretted not having that childhood home for them to come back to, however, it is my belief that God gave children to a specific mother and a mother to specific children.

I have actually learned more from each one of my children than I think they have learned from me. They have taught me unconditional love, patience, how to laugh when life isn’t funny, perseverance, humility, trust, how to hold my temper, how to lose my temper, gratitude, communication, confidence, forgiveness and so much more.

My grandparents took on the responsibility of raising my sister and me when we were 5 and 6. They gave up their retirement years for a station wagon and starting the game of Life all over again.

Why? Because they probably felt it was their calling. All I know is that I reaped the benefits of their sacrifice and love.

That is what mothering is for me–sacrifice and love. I learned it from grandparents who I called Mom and Dad.

I have already received my Mother’s Day gift in the mail. The whole family chipped in from LA to New York and in between to buy me a beautiful Caracas Navy Double Stripe Pom-Pom Tote for the beach and the water park here in Dickinson.

Yes, Mother’s Day is my all-time favorite of holidays. Even if I’m not served breakfast in bed anymore, I was given the best present of all…to have a swing at mothering.

God bless all those who mother and Happy Mother’s Day!

Written by Gloria Hart

Gloria Hart

Gloria lives in Dickinson, ND and lives her life with a grateful
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