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What you wish you knew.

Q: “What was something no one told you about new parenthood? What do you wish they would have warned you about?”


  • How much your world is devastated when they get sick. And that kids usually prefer to puke in their parent’s general direction – Alexandria Lee 
  • When they said your heart would now forever be walking around outside your body, they weren’t overreacting. It actually feels that way –Tanya T. 
  • Oh, so many things, but I would say that my kids will be banging on my bathroom door like they are the SWAT Team asking for a drink of water or a snack while I’m taking a shower and their dad is in the kitchen. –Amy S.
  • How much fear comes with being a parent! Some very irrational, but as a mom I worry about so many more things than I ever did before. –Amanda R 
  • The magnitude of the words, “Your lives will never be the same.” It still amazes me how so much emotion can be generated from someone so little. Also, the true meaning of, “It takes a village.” Don’t be afraid to lean on others for support when you need it. You can’t pour from an empty cup. –Stacy W. 
  • How saying things like, “Don’t wipe your nose on the table!” will become second nature. –Rose A. 
  • To never give up in your worst moment because you will look back and see how strong you were for getting through it. – Jennifer C
  • That a warm bath is your best friend. For a crabby baby or a crabby momma. –Dollie S. 
  • How different I feel as a person. No one can really prepare you for that though, because everyone feels it differently. –Alicia L. 
  • When you first get pregnant you and your husband have never been closer. Once the baby is here, it takes COMPLETELY every minute of a mom’s time. It’s SO important to take time for just you and your husband (even though it is SO much easier said than done.) –Whitney Cole 
  • Boys’ fascination with swords. I never thought in a million years I would have to constantly tell my four-year-old son to “Stop opening the tampons. The applicators are not swords!” – Jessica L. J. 
  • That it’s extremely easy to lose sight of who you are as a person outside of being a parent. –Cady L. 
  • I wish I would have taken “Sleep while you can!” more seriously. –Kianna K. 
  • “Mom! I need you to wipe my butt” is both a happy and annoying exclamation. –Lindsey H. 
  • So many things I get to do because “Mom knows how to do it right.” –Jen M. 
  • Sleep when baby sleeps, breastfeeding will hurt, fed is best whether breast or formula, do what works for you and baby, don’t be afraid to ask for help, ask questions when at the doctor, not all babies are the same, what works for one may not work for others and many more. –Alicia B. 
  • Let them enjoy that mudpie and teach your kids about credit. –Cassie B. 
  • I wish someone had warned me to search for daycare a year or two before I even decided to get pregnant. I also wish I knew about the power of routines and sticking to them. Third, don’t allow the basics of self-care and sanity-preservation to slide. As a new mom you think it’s your sole prerogative in life to assure baby never cries and answer every beck and call. It’s actually good for baby to learn a little delay to teach patience while you finish brushing your hair or finish an adult conversation. –Natalie P. 
  • When you finally get to hear the words, “Congrats, you are going to have a baby!” You spend the next nine months preparing for a tiny little baby, which only stays tiny for a “tiny” bit! –Megan P. 
  • No one talks about how hard the first month or two can be! Specifically, feedings, hormones/emotions and functioning on such little sleep! I wish someone would have told me to give myself more grace when going back to work and juggling everything. I can’t do it all alone, and it’s important to enlist the help of those around you when you feel overwhelmed. –Megan B. 
  • No matter how old they or we get, you never really quit worrying about your kids!  And then they give you grandchildren and it’s a whole new set of worries!! But I have always thought the joy and love outweighs the concerns and worry. –JoLynn P. 
  • No one warned me about the weird and random crap you find yourself saying as a parent. Like “You cannot be naked outside!” “Don’t high-five with your hand that’s holding the hot dog.” “Stop making butt-prints on the patio door.” “Please stop trying to feed the cat popsicles. No, I don’t think he would like the purple kind better.”But more importantly, no one really articulated how important it is to laugh as a parent. Your life gets really crazy and weird and gross and ridiculous, but it is also full of love and joy and growth and fun. –Shanna F. 
  • Teenagers!!! God does get even. –LeAnne R. 
  • Potty training!!! –Heather M. 
  • The terror I would feel for their safety-Mary H.
  •  You’re never prepared for how much you’re going to love your baby. –Patricia J.