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Sound Off! Describe your perfect Mother’s Day!

Looks like it’s coffee, sleep, sunshine and fight-free family time for the win!

“Mother’s Day at our house is always the same! My favorite day. We spend the day at our place at the lake. The kids clean and prepare our yard for the summer season. Can’t wait!”– Sherri O.

“I want to sleep in, coffee, go to a massage, then spend the rest of the day being lazy at home with baby and husband!” –Laura K.

“No diaper changes, no cooking unless I want to, no washing dishes, and no fighting amongst the children. And I will take a purple unicorn, please.” –Jolyn Y.

“Sleeping in, French press coffee and a big fat pancake for breakfast in the sunny deck. Nice flowers from hubby and a pedicure!” –Anna S. ?

“I want to sleep in, have a hot cup of coffee and a caramel roll. Then head to the ranch and watch our kids play while we sit in the sun and have a margarita.” –Alex A.

“We often go to Reptile Gardens in Rapid! Almost all the tourist stuff is half price on Mother’s Day!!! It’s my favorite!!!” –Jennifer M.  ?

“1. No fighting from the kids 2. Not having to make any meals or do housework 3. No kids fighting.” –Heather L.

“Getting a facial or lash extensions” –Chey M.

“Church, lunch at a restaurant then hiking with the kids and my husband. Always a picture with mom and the kids to celebrate being a mom.” –Stacy A.

“Being with my mom!!! Anywhere!!!!!” –Kay T.

“Other way. Being with my Daughter!! ANYWHERE.” –Phyllis H.

“Church, lunch out, a spa pedicure and then games and supper with my kids.” –Tracy H.

“To have all my kids with me!” –Beth L.

“Coming home to a clean house! No dishes in the sink, all the laundry clean folded and put away and a living room and kitchen I could actually not be scared to show people.” –Holly K.