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Quotable Kids: Kids talk cooking

What’s your favorite family meal? How do you make it?

Elizabeth Dahl-11
5th Grade, Hope Christian Academy, Dickinson

“I like my mom’s pasta carbonara,” said Elizabeth. “It’s pasta with cheese and bacon. There’s cream sauce with it and you can use long noodles so you can slurp them up. Last time mom made it was on our birthdays so we only had to help a little.”

Elizabeth is looking forward to a new school year, making new friends and meeting her teacher.

Isaac Dahl-11
5th Grade, Hope Christian Academy, Dickinson

Isaac, Elizabeth’s twin brother, also says his mom’s pasta carbonara is his favorite. “It’s my family’s best,” he said. “It’s made with noodles in the cream sauce and you add some pepper. I like to eat it with a salad and strawberries.”

Isaac is going to miss the summer because there is no homework and he’s spent his days swimming. He is excited to meet his new teacher because she is going to be nice.

Grace Dahl-13
8th Grade, Hope Christian Academy, Dickinson

“I like my mom’s pinto beans and tortillas. She’s Spanish and it was her gramma’s recipe that was passed down,” said Grace. “I usually help cook the tortillas on a frying pan. You coat the griller thing with some bacon grease and wait until they’re bubbly and then you flip them. But don’t wait until they turn black!”

Grace is looking forward to her beginning algebra class this new school year.

Liam Weigel-10
5th Grade, Hope Christian Academy, Dickinson

“My favorite is my dad’s kneophla soup. I really like that. It’s my uncles recipe,” says Liam. “You cut up veggies, potatoes, carrots and get the dumplings and put in broth. It takes a long time to cook, so we cook it in the summer when we have all day.”

Liam is looking forward to a challenging new math class, meeting new friends and his new teacher this school year.


Leyton Weigel, 8

3rd Grade, Hope Christian Academy, Dickinson

“I don’t have a favorite family recipe. I like Chinese Food,” said Leyton. “I like sushi and California rolls. My uncle can make his own sushi because he has his own sushi roller. A California roll has crab, mushed avacado, something else, I’m not sure what it is, then seaweed and rice and after that you roll it all up. I dip it in soy sauce. My dad takes me out to the King Buffett where it’s all you can eat.”

Leyton is looking forward to math and meeting new people in his class this school year.


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Written by Jessie Veeder

Jessie Veeder

Jessie is a singer/songwriter/writer and statewide columnist living on her family’s ranch near Watford City with her husband and daughter. She blogs at . Reach her at (


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