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Newborn Photography Q&A

What to Expect: With Dickinson Photographer Jessie Bren

Any parent will tell you, babies grow up fast! That sleepy, snuggly, tiny newborn phase doesn’t last long and that’s why many parents choose to schedule a professional photo session with their new baby, to capture and celebrate the magic and beauty that is fresh, new life.

Dickinson area photographer Jessie Bren has been taking adorable photos of newborns for five and a half years and has a special talent for using props and poses to capture that special image. Here, she answers your questions about what to expect out of a newborn photography session.

We’re expecting! When is the right time to contact a newborn photographer to set up a photo shoot date?
I highly recommend booking a photographer months in advance, even as soon as you’re comfortable announcing your pregnancy. It can be difficult to work a session in an already full schedule. With prior booking you are guaranteed a time.

Birthdays can be unexpected. When should we contact the photographer once the baby is born?
You should contact your photographer as soon as you know when you and baby will be released from the hospital. That way if they came a little earlier or later than expected you can hopefully make some changes in the scheduled time to work for everyone. Always keep in contact with your photographer about induction dates or scheduled c-sections and anticipated arrivals as this helps keep slots for the newborn open as well.

What age is best for a successful newborn session?
I personally recommend 1-10 days old. It doesn’t always work out this way with longer hospital stays or NICU, but the sooner the better, as you want baby to be sleepy for successful newborn sessions.

 What if my baby is already born? Is it too late to schedule a newborn session?

Not always. I highly recommend booking in advance, but if it slipped your mind or if it’s just a last minute decision to have them done you can always contact me. If there’s availability in the schedule I’ll always try and work you in.

 Will you come to my home for the newborn session?
I prefer to work with newborns in my studio.

How should I prepare my newborn and myself for a successful session?
I have a protocol I email to all my clients with step-by-step directions to prepare the baby and to help assure we have a successful session. I sleepy baby is key to the perfect curly baby poses you see throughout my galleries.

I have other children I would like to include in the photo session. I would also like to take some photos of our family with new addition. How is this handled in the session?
Siblings and family are always welcome during newborn sessions. I typically do sibling and family pictures after we have completed all the baby’s individual images.

Who should come to the session?
Mom of baby should come of course, in case baby needs feedings. Sometimes if siblings are going to be included in the photos it’s helpful to have another adult to help with the kids. But overall baby, siblings and parents should be there.

What should we wear?
You can wear whatever you like. I recommend everyone tries to coordinate with one another, but colors and clothing is always your choice. 

Should I bring special props and outfits or do you have things we can use?
I have tons and tons of things you can use! You are always more than welcome to bring things of your own as well. Sometimes items of importance or to show heritage are fun to bring, like saddles, boots or quilts or blankets made for baby or some special toys, etc. You are not required to bring anything, however. I have a studio full of props and accessories.

What other supplies should I bring that will be useful for a successful session? A pacifier! 

I saw a particular pose (or set design) that I would like you to do with my newborn. Is that possible?Yes of course. We can try just about anything and I am always open to ideas and suggestions. I just make sure everyone knows that not every baby does every pose. They are all different and unique.

How many photos can I expect to choose from and how long does it usually take to get my photos back? With the Basic Newborn session you can expect an average of 15-25 images and Newborn gold packages 20-30 images.

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