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Celebrate Fall with Hand Print Paint Pumpkins

Finger Paint Pumpkins

Fall is here and so are the pumpkins. My little sister, Alex, came over to visit and brought with her this fun, easy and adorable fall themed art project. It’s a perfect way to celebrate the season and commemorate your little one’s growth. Alex had plans to send her one-year-old’s cute handprint pumpkin to her in-laws who live across the state. And my two-year-old, Edie, was thrilled to help because it meant that she was given permission to paint her entire hand.

You don’t need much to pull off this fun project.

What you need:

Orange and Green Finger paints (or any washable paint)

White and Orange Paper

Paint Brush

Glue Stick


A wet rag or sink nearby

What to do:

Paint your child’s hand with the orange finger paint and help her make a handprint on the white paper. This will be the pumpkin.

Wash your child’s hand and paint one of her entire fingers green and press that finger on the white paper. This will be the pumpkin stem.

Use a round object to trace and cut a circle around the handprint, and then use a larger round object to trace and cut a circle out of the orange construction paper. Glue the handprint circle on top of the orange circle. Then glue both circles to a sheet of white (or green) paper.

Cut around the fingerprint stem and glue that on top of the handprint pumpkin

Use your paintbrush to add your child’s name, age, the year or a message to grandma and grandpa.

Now, let’s talk about what you’re going to be for Halloween!

Written by Jessie Veeder

Jessie Veeder

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