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Back to school has us savoring the seasons

Appreciating the moment

I am a four seasons kind of girl. How cool is it that each of them are so distinct and call to you in different ways. I love that spring is so desperately needed after the endless winter, and suddenly, it’s there and you are rewarded with green and crocuses.

I love summer days that never end and heat that slams you in the face when you walk outside.

Fall always starts off bittersweet for me with that first grey, cool day somewhere in July that brings panic that summer is almost over. When the heat returns you are so thankful that you wear only tank tops from here on out and are secretly grateful that your house lacks air conditioning so that you FEEL that it’s summer.

The real appearance of fall is greeted with excitement and all things pumpkin spice as you race to finish every thing before winter. Winter is welcomed with gratefulness as we slow down, the smell of simmering soup and biscuits baking fill the air again. Blankets and sweaters and cozy and candles warm our hearts and our home.

Would spring be as sweet, and would we handle the mud as well, if winter weren’t as long? Fall is welcome for the slowing down after all that we pack into summer. Would we desire so deeply to stay home and dive under the covers with a good book if our summer days weren’t filled to overflowing and then add to that, the fall scramble to finish up outdoor chores at 50 above rather than 50 below? Do people who live with a mild and short winter pack so much into their summer?

North Dakota is what I know, and my goodness, do we pack a lot into summer! Parades and fairs and parties and campfires and s’mores and lake days and in town all day and vacations and days that never end and kids that never go to bed because the sun never goes down!The key to savoring the slow down is that you have to embrace all that is summer. You have to go to ALL the things because soon it will be cold and you will hardly be able to do any of the things.

Would women be as ready for labor and sleepless nights if they weren’t already up every few hours to go the bathroom, uncomfortably and painfully stuffed into their former selves? I’m not so sure we would be!

We are practically begging to slow down when it is time to do go back to school. And although we homeschool, we loosely follow the public school schedule so that we are off on the same days as cousins and friends in school. Every one of us breathes a sigh of relief at the thought of a schedule when it’s time for school. Sure, the kids’ outward moaning at the thought of it doesn’t end, but underneath I see relief and excitement at the coming school year. And when we see school as a season, we can embrace it as lovingly as we embrace the other four.

Its 90+ degrees and summer is still in full swing. But, school is just around the corner and what we weren’t ready for then, we are now. The season of schedules and learning and growing and stretching and going to bed on time and getting up while it’s dark outside. The season of getting to see the sunrise and the sunset and being grateful for slowing down and savoring. Yes indeed, school is starting and we are ready.

Written by Rebekah Engebretson

Rebekah Engebretson

Rebekah lives in a little house on the prairie with her husband and 4 daughters near Watford City. She is a huge North Dakota fan and loves people and taking pictures and personality tests.

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