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Kate Ruggles is a writer living in Watford City with her husband and two kids. She can be reached by email at rugs320@gmail.com

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    Like the promised rainbow

    At just over 30-years-old, Andrea Gressman and her husband, Jason, were at a good place in life. They enjoyed their work, had three wonderful boys, and a new baby girl. They had no idea that a difficult cancer diagnosis was months away from undoing their status quo, nor could they have imagined all the good […]

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    Forever Ours: Building a family through adoption

    Everyone’s journey to parenthood is different, with different struggles, decisions and stories built along the way. From natural conception, to infertility treatments to foster care and adoption, hopeful parents have options when it comes to building their families. Here, two local couples share their stories about building their families through adoption, a process not without […]

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    Kids and Chores

    Chores, in an ideal world, teach kids the benefit of hard work, but the word itself holds an undercurrent of difficulty and unpleasantness. On the ranch however, this seems to be less true. Sure there are always days when you have to make kids go out and do things they do not want to do, […]

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    A Kids Best Friend

    Pets are great. It’s not just that they are loving and entertaining, but studies have shown that they improve the overall health and wellness of kids, families and individuals. Having a family pet is not without its share of work, but many believe that even the responsibility of taking care of a pet only enhances […]

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    Tips for keeping a strong marriage after children

    kay moms and dads, I’m not going to sugarcoat this. Marriage is hard, but after kids its down right difficult. It’s not that people don’t love their spouses and it’s definitely not that they lack in want or good intentions. It’s difficult because the very resources that aid in making marriage successful – time, energy, […]