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All about mom

From the young and young at heart

For this special Mother’s Day issue, West Dakota Parent and Family Resource Center asked children of all ages for thoughts on moms, proving that it doesn’t matter how old you get, a mother’s love and influence carries on.

What’s your favorite thing about your mom?

She’s nice. -Age 5

Mine is she cooks, play and tells jokes. – Age 7

She watches funny and scary movies with me. – Age 8 ½

She plays lots of Mario with me. – Age 8

She goes around the house and does stuff. -Age 11

She tries to make sure there is something for everyone. -Age 17

Her smile. -Age 28

I know she loves me. -Age 30


What do you do for your mom?

Help dry clothes out of the drying thing. -Age 3

I let her hug my stomach. -Age 4

Sweep the floor and clean my room. -Age 5

Empty the dishwasher. -Age 6
I help her and show her lots of love. -Age 7

Gives us X Box Live. -Age 8

Chores and help and stuff. -Age 11

I make her lots of cards for Mother’s Day and have fun with her that day. -Age 11

I share crazy gadgets with her. -Age 30

Not enough. -Age 43


What’s the best thing about your mom?

She tickles me. -Age 3

She is funny and gives us fruit snacks. -Age 4

She likes to be pretty. -Age 5

She’s sweet, nice and helpful.- Age 7

She’s a good mom. -Age 8

She loves us. -Age 8

She sure loves us a lot. -Age 9

She cares. -Age 17

She will always love me. -Age 30

I know she loves me. I always know that. -Age 33

She has a good heart. -Age 62

“This is good to think about, not just on Mother’s Day. I don’t think we do that enough. I shouldn’t take that for granted.”   Age 36